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Dukuly campaign extols community, promises to work for all

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Mamadee Sesay of MMA

Mamadee Sesay of MMA

The Co-chairman of the campaign to elect Mohammed Dukuly to the Board of Directors of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, OLM, has expressed satisfactions regarding the election results.

In a release to Bamba 1 Communication Services yesterday, Mamadee Sesay disclosed that, Dukuly who placed second in votes cast with 232 votes was in a relax mood prior to the announcement of the results.

Mohammed Dukuly of MMA

Mohammed Dukuly of MMA

He said in his release that while the campaign saw no reason for Dukuly to be absent from the board with acumen, diligence, and commitment to community service, his campaign is delighted that the electorates saw in his candidate these and also trusted that he can represent their interest to the fullest.

The release from Mr. Sesay expressed thanks and appreciation to the Liberian community, the membership of The Minnesota Mandingo Association, beginning with President Mohamed Dorley,

MMA President Mohaed Dorley

MMA President Mohaed Dorley

who he supposed spent eighteen hours (18hrs) at the polling station without break to make sure that the process was successful.

Mr. Mamadee Sesay was also thankful to mothers and fathers, elders, brothers and sisters who disregarded the negative five degree cold weather to assure Dukuly’s election to the board.

In the release, Mr. Sesay is however expressing felicitations to financiers of the campaign who as he put it, “at a very short notice were able to finance this campaign with cash and in kind donations estimated at seven hundred dollars $700.00.” (Sesay)

According to Mr. Sesay, the campaign headed by Amara Kamara is planning to celebrate this victory with the community.

Congratulatory messages are at the moment coming in from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Philadelphia and elsewhere.

In his congratulatory message from Minnesota, Ishmael Komara said the election of Mohammed Dukuly has manifested the strength of their community, especially when they work together as a team.

Manyou MAS Bility of Milwaukee was quick to caution the lone Mandingo representative to work in the interest of the larger Liberian community.

While Isiaka Sidibay saw the election of Mohammed Dukuly to the OLM board as being great, Imam Gofin Kosia of Philadelphia prayed for reoccurrence of such in national politics. It is not clear whether he was referencing Liberian politics or politics in general.

The elected board member Mohammed Dukuly has placed phone calls to supporters and well-wishers extending his heartfelt thanks and appreciations to them for the support.

It can be recalled that nearly five hundred Liberians residing in Minnesota yesterday braved the cold to elect the five OLM board members.

Those elected are Mr. Daniel Saydee, Mohammed Dukuly, Erasmus Williams, Christopher Wisner, and Angelique Cooper Liberty.

Ballot counts began at about 08:20 pm and ended around 1:30 am, two representatives from each camp represented the candidates. Representatives from the Liberia Ministerial Association, LMA, and OLM volunteers also witnessed the process.

Election Commission Chairman Deacon G. Philip Zeon Sr.

Election Commission Chairman Deacon G. Philip Zeon Sr.

In an effort to avoid tension at the polling station, voter’s intent was taken into consideration by the election commission, and this was accepted by all parties involved.

OLM Election Commission Chairman Deacon G. Philip Zeon Sr.

praised participants and encouraged them to function in the best interest of the community. Following the announcement of the results, each representative was given an unspecified amount of time to address the gathering. They all spoke in the interest of community unity.

Minutes later, a plume of steam from the negative five degree weather could be seen from the tailpipe of departing cars. At this moment, the OLM 2013 Board of Directors election held at its headquarters on Brooklyn Boulevard and Kentucky Avenue was gradually setting in as history.


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