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“Don’t Elect A Body That Is More Powerful Than The Leadership” Musa Bility

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Newark, New Jersey –  The head of the Liberia Football Association, Musa Bility is calling on community organizations to remain vigilant when electing leaders.

Musa Bility of LFA, Photo by: Lassana Bamba

Musa Bility of LFA, Photo by: Lassana Bamba

Addressing a cross section of Liberian Mandingoes in Newark, New Jersey, Mr. Bility observed, that voting people who are more powerful than elected officials is counterproductive to  community development.  It is not clear who he referenced, but his statement was met by applause from some across the hall.

While it is true that some of the audience carefully followed what Mr. Bility was saying, there were others who had no clue what the discussion was about. “Don’t elect a body that is more powerful than the leadership is, not a good idea for Felmausa,” he added.

Mr. Bility made the comment when he spoke before the Constitution Review Committee of Felmausa at Prince Hall Masonic Temple in New Jersey. The review section was chaired by Musa Fofana of Virginia and Ishmael Komara of Minnesota.

Photo by: Lassana Bamba

Photo by: Lassana Bamba

At some point during the discussion, the committee was not in control of the process, there were delegates and non delegates in the background having small discussions while others were either on Facebook or texting. In spite of these small lapses, Ishmael and Musa were praised for their fine job.

Fatumata Sheriff of North Carolina, Photo by: Lassana Bamba

Fatumata Sheriff of North Carolina, Photo by: Lassana Bamba

Fatumata Sheriff of North Carolina was frustrated with delegates who were not listening. She put the noisy hall under control when she took to the microphone.

She reminded the audience that Felmausa’s convention is not about dancing or soccer games, “I am not impressed, I don’t want to come here again, no respect here.”

The North Carolina resident spoke directly to those who wanted to leave because of soccer. She mentioned that revision of the constitution is the most important aspect of the the convention, “We are all mature people here” she concluded.

In a related development, the Minnesota Mandingo Association, under the leadership of Baba Toure has reclaimed the championship of the soccer league of the federation. MMA defeated The Mande Warriors of New Jersey through penalty kick.

In about 10 minutes to the game, Mande Warriors found the net of MMA thereby putting the defending champion’s hope in jeopardy. With just 5 minutes to go, MMA equalized when one of its players was brought down in the 18th yard box. The game ended in a penalty kick giving MMA the victory it so deserved.

There were cheers and triumph immediately after the game. Supporters, including women and children were dancing across the field, showcasing that unity is all that community dwellers need to find happiness.


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