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Dialogs on sustainable growth in Liberia takes center stage at World Bank conference in Washington DC

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Story by Sidiki Trawally 

Sen. Kupee addresses the World Bank Institute event in Washington DC

Sen. Kupee addresses the World Bank Institute event in Washington DC

Washington DC-Liberia’s drive to sustainable growth leaps with the national legislature actively participating in high level discussions with the World Bank and the IMF at the spring meetings in the US to mobilize resources for post-conflict Liberia infrastructure development.

During two high level meetings with World Bank Institute to showcase Liberia’s Agenda for Transformation and with the Bank’s Country Director for Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone, Yusufu Crookes Wednesday, Senator Sumo Kupee, Chairman on Ways, Means and Finance joined Finance Minister Amara Konneh to raise the urgency for financial resources towards the successful implementation of the Agenda for Transformation.

“We have no option but to work together as a government,” Sen. Kupee declared. He urged that Liberia’s three branches of government must work together for one goal which is to serve the people of Liberia. “I think it’s a consensus that if we (legislators) understand from the word goes on what the executive is doing, ratification which is our approval by our people through the legislature will become easier and the process of transformation goes much faster.”

Sen. Kupee told the World Bank officials at the meetings that the presence of members of the national legislature on the Liberian delegation serves an indication that “we have opened a new page. The consultation between the legislature and the executive has broadened. Our cooperation is in the national interest.”

The Liberian lawmaker from Lofa County said the legislative team is pleased to team up with the head of delegation, Minister Konneh to tell the story of Liberia’s urgent need for resources to develop its infrastructure and also to indicate that the legislature is standing by, without compromising its oversight and efficiency to pass those legislations that will make the transformation better for the country.

“We cannot acquire loan until it is enacted by law, so that means as government, we need to work together with the executive, first to understand the need for the fund and approve it in an expeditious way so that transformation will take its rightful place,” an elated Liberian lawmaker told the World Bank officials Wednesday.

Sen. Kupee reiterated that the national legislature agreed to form part of the Liberian delegation to the meetings to demonstrate a commitment that the Liberian national legislature is a partner in progress to ensure Liberian development agenda is fully on course without any hindrance.

“As I go back, I will take the message that the World Bank has recommitted itself to our partnership and we in the legislature must continue our effort to support our country development agenda.” He thanked Minister Konneh for passionately articulating the progress and challenges in Liberia.


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