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“Comply with audit committee or face other available powers,” NBD warns B.T. administration

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Lassana Bamba, Crystal, Minn. – The National Board of Directors (NBD) of FELMAUSA has constituted a-three-man committee to investigate financial matters of the organization. FELMAUSA is a US-based organization established to spearhead activities of  ethnic Mandingoes in the United States. The ad-hoc committee is charged with the responsibility to audit the Bangalee Trawally administration.

L/R: BOD Secretary General, Isiaka Sibibay, Chairman Sekou K. Fofana, and Co-chairman, Sekou Kenneh

L/R: BOD Secretary General, Isiaka Sibibay, Chairman Sekou K. Fofana, and Co-chairman, Sekou Kenneh. Photo taken by Lassana Bamba

According to a dispatch emailed to Bamba 1 News yesterday by Sekou Fofana, chairman of the board, the decision sterns from a February 27th  special session during which a quorum was established, and the issue of finance  was thoroughly discussed and subsequently voted upon unanimously to form an audit committee comprising three members.

The dispatch said, the NBD also met with active Felmausa chapter leaders and many credible community members to inform them of the resolve to take actions necessary for the advancement of the federation. The dispatch did not name the “Credible community members and active FELMAUSA chapter presidents.”

The NBD also said, Having exhausted all available tools requesting the Honorable President Bangalee Trawally’s led Administration to cooperate with the Board regarding the finances of the Federation; be it multiple emails, joint teleconferences, and numerous phone calls made by the Board chairman  to the President  and members of the National Administration for amicable resolution, it’s regrettable to note that all of the above efforts have proven futile owing to the  Administration’s deliberate refusal to provide the following; The Complete bank balance of all Felmausa Accounts including any Restrictive, saving or different accounts not previously available to the Board. The Financial Report of Felmausa Medical Mission Fundraising event held on September 20th 2014 but has never appeared in any previous Quarterly Financial Reports and Contract/receipts of major items negotiated during the past convention, specifically the Hall (venue) of the Convention and the Artist Fees.”

The NBD further noted that the appointees are all reputable members of the community whose selections were solely predicated upon professional backgrounds and experiences in organizational management as well as finance.

Those appointed by the NBD are Morris Manjue Kromah of Milwaukee, former Secretary General of FELMAUSA, and also a former president of the Wisconsin Mandingo Association of Milwaukee (WIMAM), Abrahim Kromah of Houston, Texas, Secretary General of the Houston Mandingo Association and Mohamed Donzo of Maryland, an active community member with reservoir of knowledge and experience to perform the task.

The audit committee has been given a reasonable time frame and mandate to fulfill its duties with no hindrance, the dispatch said. The NBD also said it expects the B.T administration to fully cooperate with the independent body in the interest of transparency, accountability and a forward-moving Felmausa.

It warned, that in the case where the administration opts not to comply with the rule of law vis-a-vis the audit committee and its jurisdiction, it will use other available powers, including but not limited to Chapter (12) Article 3 and 4 of the Federation’s constitution which states that, “The Board shall have oversight responsibilities over the National Administration of the Federation.  In the absence of the Convention, the Board shall exercise ALL POWERS and take all decisions reserved for the National Convention under this Constitution and By-Laws, except the amendment of this Constitution and By-Laws.  Decision of the Board shall, however, be subject to a review by the General Assembly, Regular or Emergency.”

Under Article 4 it says, “The Board shall ensure that every organ of FELMAUSA adheres to the provisions of the Federation’s Constitution and By-Laws, being fully cognizant that no one shall be considered above and/or below any of the constitutional provisions.”

When President B.T. was contacted last night, he said he was gracing the inaugural ball of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota and he had no knowledge of the communiqué. 

He however agreed to speak to Bamba 1 News on Sunday, March 15, 2015, during its live radio talk-show, “Community and You” which airs at 3pm central and 4pm eastern.


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