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Community leader gets “F” due to underperformance

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Mr. Musa Keita

Mr. Musa Keita

The National Democratic Radar, has graded the president of FELMAUSA an F based on his performance within the past two years. 

The report card  which is in the possession of Bamba 1 News,  focused six areas it believes is of concern to members of the federation.   Areas highlighted by the report are reconciliation, identification of potential problems, education, publicity, budget and perception. Among them, reconciliation is top on the list.

Mr. Bangalee Trawally

Mr. Bangalee Trawally

The federation’s President, Bangalee Trawaly according to the grading rubric underperformed in most areas.   The rubric said, why it is true that the president failed all attempted reconciliations, he did not equally meet the expectation of members of FELMAUSA.   Mr. Trawally also did not do well in what NDR calls “Identifying problems ahead.”  NDR accuses the FELMAUSA leader of refusing to “Show interest” in future activities.

NDR report also hinted that Public Affairs Department has made 117 publicities, most of which covered the “13” chapters of FELMAUSA.  The fulcrum of these public awarenesses was death announcements, which according to the report is 70% of all announcements.

The report card which was published on the federation’s listserv and also emailed to Bamba 1 News by Musa Keita, outlined that 75% of the membership of FELMAUSA has express lack on confidence in President Bangalee Trawally. Under BT’s leadership, there are 97 nominations on 17 committees with only 2% of job done.” 

NDR suggested in its report that President Trawally sets up committees to help further reconciliation within the federation. It calls on the federation’s leader to present a two year blue print.  It said designing new methods of collecting funds from the 13 chapters that make up FELMAUSA would enhance the organization’s financial coffer.

Abubakarseleke Soko Sackor, Jr.

Abubakarseleke Soko Sackor, Jr.

Reaction to the NDR report was simple and to the point. FELMAUSA’s national Secretary General, Abubacarsiliki Soko Sackor Jr. told Bamba 1 News that he differs with the report.   Mr. Sackor in a teleconference said, the B.T. administration has not held any convention as of yet, therefore it is too early, “Musa Keita does not know what the president has in place,” he added.

Secretary Sackor disclosed that some leaders prefer to do well  at the beginning of their leadership, while other wait until the end, “So it is too early to judge him, we need to give him more time.  I was also very surprised to see that the president got F,F,F,F,F, and  a C.”

It is not clear how and where the research was conducted, but Musa Keita reported to this news outlet that someone has gone personal with him regarding the publication.   Mr. Keita disclosed that NDR has membership in all FELMAUSA chapters.

Between January to March 2014, Bamba 1 News uncovered that out of $3,305.01 that the organization had in its account, the ending balance $447.26.   $796.00 was spent on President Trawally’s travel and the organization paid $25.00 to their banking institution for draining their account.

It is not clear whether this contributed to Mr. Trawally receiving an F from NDR, but what some call misappropriation  of public fund has been in the tin air for a while.



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