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Community leader acclaimed for altruistic service, “You are a leader to admire”

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Mohamed Enzah Dorley of Minnesota

Mohamed Enzah Dorley of Minnesota

A commentary by Mamadee Bangali Sesay, Brooklyn Park, MN-Like him or not, Mohamed Enzah Dorley, a young, energetic and good looking gentleman, who started his leadership stardom as a Public Relation Officer under Ahmed Sirleaf, and Vice President to Ishmael Komara, has turn out to be a better leader in our Federation.

The passion, time, effort and sincerity he demonstrates as a leader are unlike any other. When one considers the philosophical stance on what leadership is, it can be agreed upon that President Dorley is a born leader because leaders are born.

Accepting the moral side of leadership, it can be argued that he is a caring leader because a good leader cares for his/her people. Taking the biological stance into account, which says that each of us are born with innate abilities that come to life through nurturing, then Dorley is an admirable leader who has been nurtured over the years by his involvement and interaction with his community and those he leads.

But why has Dorley become such a strong and wonderful leader in the face of everything that has come his way? Pondering over this question leads to a conclusion that the answer lies in his past and attitude.

“He became a person of enormous value”

In the 2000s, the Mandingo community in Minnesota realized that there was a need to organize as a way of representing the beautiful culture and heritage of their forefathers. This propelled President Dorley into community service as a point man for the newly organized community.

Instantly, he became a person of enormous value, and his words meant a lot, no matter how loud it sounded or spoken. He gained the trust of the community, more people saw Dorley as a viable and de facto leader even when he was not at the top. When new immigrants started moving into Minnesota, Dorley felt that every new arrival deserves a community welcome. He organized trips to the airport to welcome numerous new arrivals, including wives, husbands, children and at times an entire group of families.

In President Dorley’s past is his consistent presence at nearly hundred percent of graduations, baby naming ceremonies, marriages, sacrifices and bereavements without electing which one to attend. Though we all hold tight to our jobs and will do nothing to put it in jeopardy, Dorley, on many occasions put his job on the line for the sake of the community.

Perhaps, the pivotal moment that tested Dorley’s leadership ability was being charged with the responsibility of conducting an election in which his friend, a sitting president and someone he respects highly were all contestants.

Many doubted that he would pull it off effectively because of the above factor and his experience. By historical comparison, Dorley’s conduct of that election remains to be the most authentic and honest election in the Federation’s history. He was fair and resisted all attempts to interfere with or dictate the outcome of the election; even threatening to resign than compromise his independence and reputation.

Recently, Dorley has been at the forefront advocating for those issues that will protect the validity and integrity of FELMAUSA. In the process, he positioned himself as a leader who influences others to follow his line of argument regardless of age, education or gender. At the end, Dorley is now an even improved and better leader today than anytime during his presidency. Besides crediting these personal initiatives and appreciation from both Dorley and the community for his wise leadership prowess, there is a unique aspect of this young man that deserves attention, and that is his attitude.

Though Dorley is not being placed here as a Saint, but a human being capable of erring, he nonetheless has a character and attitude that fall within Charles Swindle’s description of attitude; that attitude supersedes the facts, our past, our education, the amount of money we have, our successes and failures, it can break or make anything possible.

He writes, “We cannot change the inevitable…but…play on the one string we have…our attitude.” This is the perception that directs President Dorley’s day to day interaction with his people and community. He knows very well that the attitude of each of us is just as important in building a viable community as our ability.  He may not have a trophy to show for his advocacy, or a plaque for everything that is good about this community because of the roles he played, but the debates he led will forever change the direction of our community for many years to come. To that, I say to President Mohamed Enzah Dorley, you are a leader to admire.


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