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Christmas Eve Death of a Liberian Journalist baffles grieving family

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2013 has in part has not been a very friendly year for the media industry in the West African country of Liberia.

The Late J. Ralph Lincoln

The Late J. Ralph Lincoln

Following the death of veteran broadcast journalist Othello T.K. Yarsiah, and photo journalist Musue Haddad, another vibrant Liberian journalist has died after a brief illness.

As Nvasekie N. Konneh reports, J. Ralph Lincoln, 28, an entertainment and lifestyle writer for FrontPage Africa and former Editor-in-Chief of Uptown Reviews Newspaper, died on December 24, 2013.

The corpse of Ralph Lincoln, according to reports could not be kept for another day without burial due to mysteries surrounding his death.

Nvasekie N. Konneh, Philadelphia, PA, December 30, 2013-According to a brief obituary on FrontPage Africa’s website, Ralph developed Chicken pot in late November, which his sister, Johanna said “turned from one thing to something else and we could not figure out what it was.”

Johanna’s statement indicates that there might have been something mysterious about his death. The shocker is that he died on Christmas Eve and was buried the same day, as she puts it, “The body had deteriorated at a fast rate – and not in condition to hold for a normal funeral.”

His heart-broken mother, Roseline Langar said, “He was so young, so loving and kind, always had a smile on his face and never hurt anyone.” The family has planned a memorial service for the deceased.

Ralph was a very talented young man, a prolific writer, but oddly, his writing was not about politics, which is the only thing that matters on the Liberian media landscape. The focus of his writing was about entertainment.

Ralph’s energy was directed at promoting Liberian artists in the areas of music, movies, as well as promoting various events like beauty pageants.

As for Ralph, it was all about Liberian entertainment industry, even though there is no such thing as glamorous as compared to Nollywood, the Nigerian imitation of Hollywood. He will be missed by his collogues.

About the Author: Nvasekie Konneh is the author of the book, “The Land of My Father’s Birth,” a memoir of the Liberian civil war and “Going to War for America,” a collection of poems about his experience in the US Navy and the Liberian civil war. He is the publisher of the Uptown Newspaper for which Ralph Lincoln wrote. He can be reached at 267-407-5735 or or


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  • I have just discovered your site and I am very impressed after reading the lengthy story on three late Liberian Journalists including Ms. Haddad, a home girl from Zorzor, Lofa County whom I did not know personally. The picture of her standing near the Zorzor Lutheran Mission brought back memories that go back nearly 40 years because I was a boarding student at that school. May our journalistic comrades rest in peace and may God bless your efforts to contribute to the advancement of media operations about Liberia from the diaspora. BRAVO!

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