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Censuring relatives in government is not fair-Momoh Dudu

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Few weeks ago, Professor Momoh Dudu of Minnesota won praises across the nation for what many characterized as a very powerful speech. The Minnesota lecturer in his speech challenged his kinsmen both in the Diaspora and back in Liberia to discontinue the blame game and pursue lasting education.

He said censuring relatives in government for their refusal to appoint other family members to key government functions is not fair to those serving their patriotic duties. The professor’s message was well received by the audience, especially those in the Diasporas.

Bamba 1 Communication Services attended the 4th annual convention of the Bahn Mandingo Association in Minnesota, and captured the moment…



Professor Momoh Dudu of Minnesota




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  • Pro. Momo Dudu , alway make us all proud and he deserve to be honor !

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