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Busy night for Liberians in MN, “We are all in this together”

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It has been reported that hundreds of Liberians are expected to converge at the New Brighton Community Center  tonight as a part of the celebration of Liberia’s Independence Day. 

The occasion which will be marked by important remarks regarding the formation of Liberia, and the struggled the country endured prior to attaining independence will be graced by functionaries of state agencies, local non-governmental organizations, stakeholders among others. 2014-07-26_17.24.23 2  

The Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, the largest Liberian organization within the state, has been preparing for this day. 

According to OLM’s Acting Executive Director, Mamadee Bangalee Sesay, OLM has invested nearly all of its time, money and efforts to make this day a success. 

He said the Keynote speaker, Dr. Sakui Malakpa, a lawyer and professor within the Department of Early Childhood, Physical and Special Education, at the University of Toledo in Ohio, is expected to deliver an inspirational speech that would encourage exiled Liberians to meanifully contribute to the development of their devastated country.

As a part of the preparation for Liberia’s 167th Independence Day celebration, OLM yesterday organized a Thanksgiving Service at the Zanewood Elementary School on Zane Avenue in Brooklyn Park, MN. 

That program also included  a Muslim Prayer Service, which was another way of identifying with the Muslim community of MN during this Holy Month of Ramadan.  

In a casual conversation with our reporter, a lady said, “Gone are those days when people misunderstood OLM for a Christian organization, we are all in this together for the betterment of our community,” she concluded. 

The late Patrick Sawyer

The late Patrick Sawyer

As attendees get energized for tonight’s program, one thing remains clear, there will be no protest as it was last year. 

Last year, a small group of protesters gathered at the Community Activity Center in Brooklyn Park, to denounce what they called “Corruption” in the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. 

The protest did not seem to get popular support as it was later reported that some of the protesters apologized to Finance Minister Amara Konneh for falsely accusing him of embezzling 13Million USD. Small Protest

Instead of focusing on corruption within government sectors tonight, many Liberians seemed worried about what they think the Mano River Union should be doing to curtail the deadly Ebola virus which continues to spread across West Africa like a wild fire. 

The most recent death which was reported in Nigeria was a 40-year-old Liberian government worker, Patrick Sawyer.  According to a BBC report, he collapsed upon arrival at the airport in Lagos on last Sunday.

Manyou MAS Bility, a young Liberian in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, wrote this, “Ya Allah, what’s happening to my country Liberia? Another resourceful person in the healthcare sector is dead from the EBOLA virus again. This time, is the Chief Medical officer of the country’s largest medical facility, Dr. Samuel Brisbane of the John F. Kennedy Medical Facility. God please , we need your intervention!!! There are others who think that prayers are not the solutions, but science. What they fail to understand is that YOU are the father of all the scientists and doctors.YOUR miracles are workable and YOU are the only ONE who is able to serve the human minds with the knowledge to cure or prevent this virus. On the other hand, our government must act not by declaring a state of emergency !! Long live Liberian and Liberians! We are a strong people! We’ve overcome many tribulations and surely, we will overcome this.”



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