Friday 19th January 2018,


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Body of Liberian of Dutch Citizenship Identified After Terrorist Attack

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J. Douglas Farngalo, Birmingham, UK –  The body of a Liberian female of Dutch citizenship, who went missing during the terrorist attacks at Brussels Airport, has been identified.

Ms. Elita Rita Weah went missing after the attacks on Tuesday after it emerged she had been at the Brussels Airport en-route to the US to attend her father’s funeral. Members of her family in the Netherlands contacted the Liberian Embassy in Belgium and a search was launched.

Liberian WomanKilled

Ms. Elita Rita Weah

According to the Leadership of the Liberian Community in Belgium, hotels and evacuation centers in Liege, Meerbeek, Leuven as well as Brussels were searched but to no avail. On Wednesday, the sister of the deceased contacted the Liberian Embassy in Brussels and provided them with a picture taken by Ms. Weah moments before the terrorist attack, which she sent to her sister. In the picture, she is seen standing next to her baggage trolley.

On Thursday, Daiqua Media was informed by family sources that Dutch Television journalists had visited the home of Ms. Weah in the Netherlands and interviewed members of the family. Their visit was followed by the Dutch Police who, when asked about the situation of Ms. Weah only remarked to family members, NOT GOOD. Without an official confirmation from the Belgian authorities about the whereabouts of Ms. Weah, the search continued.

Dr. Isaac Nyenabo, Liberian Ambassador to Belgium, informed Daiqua Media that the Belgian authorities had said, with all areas covered, the next step was to acquire and carry out DNA fatalities from the Brussels Airport attacks kept at a local military hospital.

On the same day, Daiqua Media was contacted by a friend of Ms. Weah’s sister who informed us that the sister had been “Crying and confused”.

At 3 am this morning, the Liberian Embassy as well as the Liberian Community in Belgium were informed by the Belgian authorities that the body of Ms. Weah had positively been identified through photo evidence through the picture provided by the sister of the deceased. In the picture, Ms. Weah is seen dressed in a black overcoat, smiling and standing next to her baggage trolly at the Brussels Airport. The picture was apparently taken moments before the terrorist attacks at the airport.

According to family sources, Ms. Weah was traveling to the United States to attend the funeral of her father. The family of Ms. Elita Rita Weah has been informed.

Here is a statement from the Liberian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union with accreditation to Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Dr. Isaac Nyenabo, “Good morning to everybody, about three days ago, we reported that due to the terrorists’ explosions at the Brussels airport, Ms. Elita Weah( alias Rita) was missing. Reports from the Dutch Foreign ministry of Netherlands and that of the Security and Crisis committee confirmed the death of Ms. Weah. Our condolences go to the bereaved family, the people of Grand Gedeh County, Government of Liberia , the People of Liberia and the Diaspora Liberians. May her soul and the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace.” 

Dr. Nyenabo said, most Liberians trapped in the situation three days ago have left Brussels “Through our tireless efforts. In a counting form, we can now say that at least eight(8) Liberians stranded are still on the territory of Belgium as the result of the blasts.”

He called on all to pray for those still stranded as a result of flight delays, hospitalization and reprocessing of travel documents. “We managed to have Liberians on board a train at 6:30 am for Frankfurt, Germany transiting to Liberia on SN Brussels via Freetown.”


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