Friday 19th January 2018,


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Bengoma grants four-year scholarship to two deserving students

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The Organization of Liberian Mandingoes in The Netherlands, Bengoma, has awarded scholarship to two deserving Liberian students seeking degrees at the University of Liberia.

The scholarship will cover tuition, books, transportation and pocket allowances for duration of the degree program. The scholarship will also last for 4 years if the students maintain a certain grade point average and respect the terms of the agreement.

Mr. Amadu Kromah, Chairman, Scholarship/Relief Committee

Mr. Amadu Kromah, Chairman, Scholarship/Relief Committee

In order to facility this program, Bengoma is at the moment working in collaboration with a sister organization in Monrovia, The Concerned Liberian Mandingo Society of Liberia (COMASL). With the memorandum of understanding agreed upon by the two sister organizations, Bengoma expects more projects in the future which will be for the sole advancement of the Liberian people both in the Netherlands and in Liberia.

Bengoma’s scholarship program is an academic support program intended to fund underprivileged students and help them achieve higher academic standards. The program will also enhance the qualitative participation of Liberians in infrastructural, social, economic and political development. So far, Bengoma has realized that the destiny of the social, economic and political landscape of war ravished Liberia can be properly shifted by uniquely investing in young, smart and underprivileged students.

The scholarship committee, headed by Mr. Amadu Kromah, is one of many committees within Bengoma that is gear toward strengthening ties among various Liberian communities in the Diaspora while at the same time focusing on the reconstruction of Liberia.

In The Netherlands, Bengoma has and continues to assist and support families and individuals in need of assistance from the Dutch authority and other institutions. Bengoma is an organization of Liberian Mandingoes residing in The Netherlands; the organization’s sole aim is, engaging other Liberian organizations in and out of Liberia in order to partake in the stabilization and reconstruction process of Liberia.

In order to achieve this mission, Bengoma conducts general acquaintance meetings, organizes cultural and traditional festivals to commemorate the Mandingo tradition and Liberian national holidays, identifies with members and other sisters organizations in time of joy and distress, and supports inter-cultural programs to create awareness on the importance of cultural values and social integration.

The organization also provides updates to members on issues taking place in Liberia, organizes lectures, and debates concerning the development of Liberia and how the Liberian Mandingoes can actively partakes in such; it also provides a sense of identity in the midst of cultural diversity thereby increasing cultural and social interaction among members and Liberians as a whole.


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