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Associate Degree to Become President of Felmausa, Delegates Affirmed

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Photo by: Lassana Bamba

Newark, New Jersey – Delegates at the just ended Felmausa national convention in Newark, New Jersey, have unanimously voted on provisional measures that ensure the organization is upheld to a higher standard. The delegates represent chapters that make up Felmausa.

Amongst key points agreed upon is for candidates to have an associate degree as part of an educational requirement to becoming president of the federation. Prior to this decision, some had presented ideas that candidates attain bachelor’s degree, but that was squashed by a simple majority.

Before the election of the current Felmausa administration, education was widely discussed. One candidate at the time argued that he was more qualified than his opponent because he has degrees to prove his point. At the same time, supporters of the other candidate, including that candidate himself,  presented the idea that education is relative.

In a Bamba 1 Radio interview with Dr. Saqui Malakpa of the University of Toledo, Ohio, months before the Felmausa election, Dr. Malakpa said “Education is the process of personal development.”

For some, injection of the educational clause is a welcome news. In a chat with supporters of “Education” following the event, one person mentioned that it is a shame for huge organization like Felmausa to boast of “Associate degree as a criteria to becoming president.”

Another key issue tickled during the constitution review is increasing the number of delegate representing each chapter during conventions – the number was increased from 5 to 10.

They said, selecting the 10 delegates will be channelled through chapter leaders. This according to a Philadelphia delegate would empower chapter leaders to make informed decisions.


Photo by: Lassana Bamba

With the news of channelling delegate selecting through chapter leaders, one delegate mentioned that, “No one will bypass any chapter again and become president of Felmausa like it happened before.” This brought laughter to some in the hall. They also agreed to refer to the head of Felmausa as president instead of executive director.

There was agreement to maintain a 200 miles radius mentioned in the organization’s constitution.  In order to become a chapter of Felmausa, the new member chapter must be 200 miles away from other chapters. It is not clear how and who conducts such investigation prior to admitting a new chapter, but inquiry by this news outlet found that issues relation to the 200 miles radius remains fluid.

Also key on their agenda was issues relating to members who find themselves in the same chapter but living in separate cities. Ideas relating to forming parallel organizations was dismissed by Daouda Bility of Michigan.

Mr. Bility said this would induce conflict within the federation. Issa Fofana of New York cautioned fellow delegates to be mindful, “Change is good but radical change can backfire.” In any election year, voter registration will begin 3 months before any ballot is cast, the delegates agreed.

In a well attended but at times a very noisy environment, the delegates demanded that their rights be observed, and this was indeed the case. Each delegate was allowed speaking time. The constitution review process, chaired by Musa Fofana of Virginia, and Ishmael Komara of Minnesota is seen by Bamba1News as the most successful aspect of this year’s Felmausa National Convention.

While some might think that merry making is an important part of bringing the membership together, it remains a mystery how this organization will survive without proper fixing of its broken system.  Many people spoken to by this news outlet outside of the hall said the constitution needs an amendment if Felmausa must strive for excellence amongst collaborators.   


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