Sunday 25th February 2018,

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Amara Kamara wants Felmausa overhauled for better opportunities

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Amara Kamara of Minnesota has told Bamba 1 Radio that he is frustrated with Felmausa, the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA.

According to Mr. Kamara, the organization lacks the vision to sustain itself financially. In order to move the organization forward it would need a complete overhaul, he said.

He made these statements when he sat with Bamba 1 Radio in an exclusive interview, give this a listen…


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  • Thanks for the interviewed MR. Bmaba,, as much as I will like to say that I wasn’t really prepare for all your questions, I really enjoyed listening to our conversations. You tricked me,! I was told that the interview will very brief about the receipts the board wants from the President. There was only 3 questions on that issues. You radio station is a great contribution to our community. I am glad that I accepted your invitation. Thank you so much.

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