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“Allowing delinquency is very detrimental to our democracy” Famod Konneh

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Mr. Famod Konneh

Mr. Famod Konneh

In an effort to disprove alleged faultfinders who have repeatedly accused him of irregularities during the just ended FELMAUSA Board of Directors elections, Chairman Famod Konneh is calling on his criticizers to prove him wrong by providing evidence.

In an exclusive interview with Bamba1News, the FELMAUSA Board of Directors chief denied ever manipulating the election, stressing that changing the rules of the Board due to personal reasons is “traverse of justice.” (Konneh)

Responding to Mr. Francis Duwana, a representative of the State of Pennsylvania on FELMAUSA Board, who claims that his exclusion from the election process was not valid, Chairman Konneh said “allowing delinquency is very detrimental to our democracy.” (Konneh)

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  • Thank you Mr. Bamba for your courage and effort. Please I’ll suggest that you put your interviews in text too. Because we don’t have good internet system in Liberia that can enable us listen to the podcast. Therefore, we prefer writing. Thanks

  • There is no justification for abusing your discretion even if excuses make sense. What you did was wrong and that wasn’t expected of you. What expected a symbolic leadership from you Mr. Chairman. But I guess not everybody will live to the expectations.

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