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All Eyes On Board Of Directors As MMA Recalls Two

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Mr. KennehThe Minnesota Mandingo Association has recalled Sekou Kenneth and Mohamed Dorley from the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA, the largest Mandingo federation in the United States.

According to a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sekou Fofana, the recalls take immediate effect.

It is not clear how the recall will interplay within the ranks of the Board of Directors, or how they will respond to MMA, but it is likely to fetch embarrassments to the Kafumba Kromah leadership.

This is largely in part due to what seems to be a major mistake on the part of MMA.   Despite serving as representative of MMA on FELMAUSA Board; Sekou Kenneth is an elected Co-Chairman of the board.

The sticking point here is whether MMA has the power to recall an elected official of the board.  According to reports, Mr. Kenneth’s term on the FELMAUSA board expires in two years, beginning September 2013.   He was elected through a process supervised by the elder council of the federation, headed by Sekou Korleh.

MMA President Mohamed Enzah Dorley

MMA President Mohamed Enzah Dorley

For his part, Mohamed Dorley, former president of MMA reportedly resigned his post as Parliamentarian of the board on April 12, 2014.   Mr. Dorley resigned the same day his predecessor was sworn in.

Ms. Tenin Conde Kamara of MMA

Ms. Tenin Conde Kamara of MMA

The recall letter, written by Tenin Conde Kamara, Secretary General of MMA, and approved by the organization’s President, Kafumba Kromah, says the vacant seats will be filled by Molly Kamara, a businessman in Minnesota and Alh Donzo, a member of the publicity committee of FELMAUSA.

Their appointments according to the letter are pending what it calls “Holistic future constitutional reform of (MMA) that will ensure the election of future representatives to the board as opposed to continuous appointments.” The letter also encourages the board’s prompt attention and response to “this matter.”

Another sticking point in this saga is the appointment of Alh Donzo.  Mr. Donzo’s appointment to the Board is likely to be controversial owing to the fact that he is a member of the publicity committee of the federation.

Under the leadership of then President Mohamed S. Bility, Alh Donzo served as Secretary General of FELMAUSA.

When he relinquished his post, he was heavily criticized by some members of MMA for reneging to support the interest of the state that issued him his then letter of clearance.

Pres. Kafumba Kromah of MMA

Pres. Kafumba Kromah of MMA

Mr. Sekou Koutoubou Fofana of FELMAUSA's Board

Mr. Sekou Koutoubou Fofana of FELMAUSA’s Board

During his tenure as Secretary General of FELMAUSA, some critics haves it that Alh Donzo repeatedly voted against the interest of his chapter, Minnesota, one of which his critics said is “denying Minnesota the FELMAUSA convention.”

Analytically, The Minnesota Mandingo Association has one vacant seat on the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA, which is the seat previously occupied by MMA former President, Mohamed Enzah Dorley.

In his inaugural speech, during which he continually grilled Mr. Dorley on policy difference, MMA President, Kafumba Kromah vowed never to make appointments to the board, and he chose to open it up for election.

Whether the recall of Mr. Sekou Kenneth will be a reality or not, members of the federation are left with the option of watching the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA with an eagle’s eye, as this is a test to democracy.

The lone question on the lips of many is, why recall someone from a position that is already vacant?

Despite promises to revisit MMA’s constitution before erecting a Board of Directors of its own, President Kafumba Kromah over the weekend made appointments to what he calls temporary board.  Related Story





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