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After public fight, two Kenyan men reached an agreement to marry the same woman

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Author: Alexandra Pleffer

Two Kenyan men have agreed to share a wife in matrimony after she reportedly refused to choose between them.

Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani from Mombasa County have drawn up a contract stating they will both share the woman’s house and care for any children she has, Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation reported.

Mr Mwendwa told the BBC the unnamed woman had been having affairs with both men for over four years and he had agreed to sign the contract to end his rivalry with Mr Kimani.

They decided to reach an agreement after getting into a public fight over the woman.Capture

“I heard people fighting and went to check, but I was surprised to see two men fighting over a woman who is said to be a widow and a mother of twins,” community policing Officer Adhalah Abdulrahman told Daily Nation.

“I tried solving the issue but they refused, each insisting he could not live without the woman.”

The parents of the woman have reportedly given their blessing.

But lawyers say the trio’s marriage will not be legally recognized if they are unable to prove that polyandry (a woman having more than one husband) is part of their culture.

While polygamy (a man having more than one wife) is legal in Kenya, polyandry is not practiced.


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  • Omg! Immortality is taking toll on Kenya! What? A polyandry! Sooner or later, others will follow their paws.

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