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Accident victims responding to treatment/appreciates community efforts

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Mohammed Fumba Bility of Milwaukee

Mohammed Fumba Bility of Milwaukee

A victim of Monday morning car accident on eastbound I 90 near Lyndon Station in Wisconsin, is extending thanks and appreciations to those who sympathized with them for their misfortune.

Speaking to Bamba 1 News from his hospital bed in Madison, Wisconsin, Mr. Bangalee Konneh praised God for giving them a second chance. He said they are all in stable condition and at the same time communicating with relatives and friends.

He lauded the community for the level of support they have received thus far. Bangalee Konneh said, as a passenger in the front of the vehicle they were travelling, his injury is concentrated in the back.

Bamba 1 News noticed during the interview that due to sedation, Mr. Konneh could not communicate further.

“I was in the room with Massa when the doctor smiled”

Mohamed Bility, a resident of Milwaukee who visited the victims at the WU Medical Center in Madison, Wisconsin said doctors have assured him that the victims will survive.

According to Mr. Bility, he saw each of the victims in their respective rooms, and they are all responding to treatment.

He said so far, most of the tests conducted by doctors have proven negative, “I was in the room with Massa when the doctor smiled and said everything is normal for now.” (Bility)  Hearing such news from doctors, visitors in the room were all relieved.

Listen to the entire interview through Bamba 1 News podcast. 




  • Mr. Bamba, I can’t tell you how many times we (Minnesotan) appreciate this interview with Mr. Bility. Thank you for your update

  • Thanks for the update. I was so worried but after listening to your interview, I am relieved. Good job!

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