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A veteran Liberian broadcaster is dead

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Reports reaching Bamba1News from Liberia indicates that Othello Yarsiah, a veteran Liberian broadcaster has died.

The late Othello T.K. Yarsiah

The late Othello T.K. Yarsiah

Mr. Yarsiah died on Sunday August 18, 2013 at the Jackson Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County, Liberia.

Prior to his death, he worked for the United Nations Radio in Liberia as a Radio Program Producer; he was also a simple English news caster at the state owned media, the Liberia Broadcasting System (ELBC).

Othello Yarsiah will be missed for his familiar voice during productions of the Talking Drum Studio dramas. In a calm but serious voice, he would explain details of the drama in ways that always glued his targeted audience to their radios.

As a member of the Talking Drum Studio, TDS, Mr. Yarsiah detailed peace building initiatives through educational dramas. Two of the famous characters used in his dramas were Yatta, and Damawa.

Earlier on August 9, 2013, report quoted Othello Yarsiah as attributing his illness to liver complication.

He is believed to have told fellow journalists that in the period of four months, he went from one place to another aimed at seeking solution to his worsening health condition, but to no avail.

Though Othello Yarsiah is dead, but his name will remain fresh on the minds of many Liberians, especially drama lovers.

The late Othello Yarsiah was seen by most of his colleagues as an innovative journalist who always devoted his attention to in-depth production.


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