Sunday 25th February 2018,


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A renown community critic set to speak on “Community and You.”

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A renown community critic, Mr. Ousman Bamba, alias Obe will this Sunday be a guest on Bamba 1 Radio talk-show, “Community and You.”

Ousman Bamba, alias "Obe"

Ousman Bamba, alias “Obe”

Obe will answer questions on why he’s always on the flip side of what is considered meaningful projects by those he criticize.   Obe has criticized government officials as well as community leaders, some of which his critics considered very spicy. Mr. Bamba is active on various community Listservs such as,

Obe was graduated from the Monrovia College and Industrial Training School (MC). Thereafter, he studied in Criminal Justice for 3 years at the AME Zion University in Congo Town, Liberia.

During a 1-year stay in neighboring Ivory Coast, he obtained a visa to the United States where he worked in factories and later acquired his Public Passenger License and became a cab driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   

He moved to Minnesota in 2004 but later enrolled at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he again obtained a technical certificate in Interstate Trucking. He has mentored several truck drivers and he’s now proprietor of OBE Trucking Company in Dallas, Texas which was established in 2012. 

Program starts at 1:30 pm central daylight time, 2:30 pm eastern, to keep the show interactive, dial 530-881-1212 or 518-530-1840, access code is 704-983-893. You may also text questions to 763-477-8604, to be read live on air.  This is your time to challenge his views, don’t miss it!

To listen without participation, visit and select Bamba 1 Radio on the Home-Page.


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