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A New York Delegate at the Felmausa Convention Calls for the Disbandment of the Board

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A New York delegate at the just ended Felmausa convention in Newark, New Jersey, Issa Fofana, is  calling for the disbandment of the board of directors of Felmausa.

Mr. Issa Fofana of New York

Mr. Issa Fofana of New York

Citing productivity as something the board lacks, the former head of the Organization of New York Mandingo,ONYMA, Issa stressed that the current leadership doesn’t understand what it is doing.

Speaking on Sunday, August 14, 2016 before the organization’s Constitution Review Committee at Prince Hall Masonic Temple in New Jersey, Mr. Fofana said, the sitting board of directors have failed to formulate plans that generate funding for Felmausa.

Mr. Fofana also remained critical of  the board’s alleged continual conflict with the administration. “ They have always been in conflict with the administration.” A voice from the background hinted that Isa has declared a war on the board.

Asked what his alternative would be if the board were disbanded, Issa said chapter leaders, highly educated and business minded people would form part of his proposed board.

Issa Fofana, seated in the second front row from the Review Committee pressed on, that with his proposed board of highly educated people, productivity within the organization would be enhanced and rules would be followed. Issa disclosed that he’s objective of his views, “It’s not like I hate someone,” he concluded.

Reacting to the former ONYMA president’s comment, Sekou Koutoubou Fofana, chairman of the Felmausa board said, Issa needs to read the constitution of Felmausa, but not “Copy and paste from UNICCO.”

He said Issa’s statement was reckless, owing to that fact that the Felmausa board is responsible for overseeing, “Not a corporate board.”


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