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A Muslim woman turned Christian appears on Mandingo News and Program

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Makanvee KamaraMakanvee Kamara alias Kanvee Adams is a victim of a 14 year-old Liberian civil conflict that left more than 250,000 people dead and ruined the country’s underrated infrastructures.

Born onto a devout Muslim family, Makanvee Kamara is reported to have lost contact with her biological parents as they all fled from a conflict in which one of the country’s main warring factions targeted people of Muslin descent. Through luck, a Christian couple bearing the name “Gaines,” picked Kanvee and raised her like one of their own, thereby introducing her to Christianity.

During her visit to Minnesota, she spoke to producer Lassana Bamba on the Mandingo News and Program, please give this a listen.




  • Well, Mandingo people say ” Birth place, raise place and death place”. Meaning you can be born somewhere and be raiased in anothe place. You can equally be raised in one place and be buried in another place. Life therefore remains unpredictable until one is taken over by death.
    Kanvee was destined to be born a Muslim and live a christain. One thing that is clear though is that she will remain a Mandingo as long as she live on this earth..

  • “Kanvee was destined to be born a Muslim and live a christain. One thing that is clear though is that she will remain a Mandingo as long as she live on this earth..”-Kanneh
    You are so right Mr. Kanneh when you say that Gospel star singer Kanvee Gaines Adams “will remain a Mandingo as long as she live on this earth.” But what you didn’t point out is it seems to me that the “Mandingo people” don’t know or care for what they have! I make this remark due to “cold-shoulder” by Mandingoes given to Kanvee’s musical concert here last week despite a larger presence/influence of the Mandingo community in Minnesota. Whether it is because she converted to Christianity, I don’t know. But if I had a daughter like Kanvee, I would be knocking myself all over the place promoting and traveling with her around the world.
    What troubles me most is that the press (except Bamba1News) in Mandingo our community appears to be playing to the tone of our community by ignoring the enormous contribution Kanvee is making on the local and world musical stage while still giving credence to press releases from Liberia Embassy in DC about “Travel Ban” being lifted on former leaders who ruined our country thro war. I make this observation because I sent a news report to a Mandingo news magazine but was not published; the same story fortunately, was published by the following Liberian owned media-FrontPage Africa, The New Dawn, Bamba1News and Nordic Africa which is based in Sweden.
    I sincerely think that the media, including our community outlets should undertake the responsibility of educating our people for better change in every way possible in a post-war country like ours and resist any temptation to join
    this type of behavior.
    I’m disappointed! I hope our people change!

    PS: I’m a Christian but have participated in Mosques worship services several times whenever their is a need for me to do so. so there should be no excuse that Kanvee’s concert was purely a “Christian event” and that is why Muslims couldn’t come to support it. Secondly, some of my children worship with different branches of Christian faiths different from what I go to but that has never been a problem for me. Even if my daughter were to become Muslim it still ok with me and would embrace her and not push her away. My only major concern for her though is to see her live happily.

  • Note: I actually meant news report about Ma-Kanvee’s show in Minnesota that I wired to a local Mandingo website but they didn’t or haven’t used it.

  • We must support Ma Kanvee Kamara, Mandingos. Perharps she is our Moses raised up by Pharoe at the time the Isralits were persecuted.

  • Ma-kanvee is a born Christian ……………………

  • As we say , a little child or baby doesn’t have any sin when they are born but
    Only her mother or father give her the first step. Which means they show her the path whether to become Muslim or to my knowledge, she was Destin to be Cristian by God.

  • THE DAYS I WATCH her performance of the you tube,Tears run from my eyess for2 days .the days i read her story again,the same thing happened to me but God know human being more than yourself


  • First of all l want to agree with some previous comment that she was born as muslim and lve as Christian so true. The tradition tell us say that , the fsther play a major role in child bringing but u aboundon ur responsibility and leave all a the poor woman be a christain or Jew fhat child will be the mother. But let us know that we was all horned as Muslim.

  • Just want to commend Mr.Bamba for his outstanding efforts of keeping us entertained at updated

  • great interview! While I believe in my opinion that she is wrong , we must accept her as a Madingo since she cannot change that. We respect other Non Madingo Christians therefore we should respect Madingo Christians. This is her distiny

  • My brother, I’m so proud of you for your courageous step and balance media coverage. I hope you keep up the great work and for you makavee Kamara we are proud of you and may the almighty richly continues to bless and protect you.Again we are proud of you as mandingo Christian
    Stand up for your believe

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