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“A Good Heart Has Stopped Beating, A Good Soul Ascended To Heaven. We Part With You In Pain” Trawally

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Crystal, Minn. – If only a dead person could speak, Mamadee Diakite would be thanking hundreds of relatives, loved ones and sympathizers today for the love and support he has and continue to receive. Hundreds of supporters yesterday submerged Mr. Diakite with prayers following news about this sudden death. “A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. We part with you in pain, but the Almighty Allah, Who is the ultimate decider of our fate, knows why He called you at this time. We will never forget you bro. We will pray for you. May the Almighty Allah give you eternal rest. REST ON BROTHER, REST ON. Sidiki Trawally, Abidjan

Traffic light of life turned red on Mr. Diakite at 3 am on Tuesday morning at the Cooper Clinic, located at 12th street in Monrovia, Liberia following a brief illness.

His remains is expected to be interred today at the Old Road Muslim cemetery followed by a 3-day prayer service on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at his residence on 1st street in Sinkor, near Monrovia. A Memorial service will follow at the Monrovia City Hall where friends and relatives are expected to pay tribute to the late Liberian radio commentator.  

The Late Mamadee Diakite

The Late Mamadee Diakite

Mamadee Diakite was an acclaimed broadcast journalist, he produced and presented a famous radio talk show “The Prime Morning Drive.” As a producer, he made extensive use of social media. A recorded version of his program frequented soundcloud for consumption by his diaspora listeners.

Having worked for a sister station for awhile, the acclaimed broadcast journalist built his own station, Prime 105.5 FM. The station wrote on its FaceBook page on Tuesday, “We are devastated!!! The Prime Morning Drive will not go ahead as scheduled today and probably the next few days. Mamadee Diakite, the General Manager of Prime Communications Network, INC and Chief Host of the Prime Morning Drive, is no longer with us.  He passed out this morning at the SDA Cooper Hospital on 12th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia. Our heart bleeds.”

With the death news of Mr. Diakite  all over the Internet, sympathizers, including his admirers changed their profile pictures to that of the deceased. This according to some is a way of showcasing solidarity to the deceased.

In the period when a sizable number of Liberians are pessimistic about the direction their country is headed, Diakite was always optimistic

Minutes later, tributes began overcrowding chat rooms where some were completely taken by surprise upon hearing the news.

Amara Keita of Philadelphia expressed his grief in the Felmausa chat room, “Ina LiLahi Wa Ina Raji huna. I woke up this morning Tuesday 08/30/2016 to the most stricken news in decades, the passing of a prolific journalist and one that I have come to admire most in recent Liberian news media, friend and brother Mamadee Diakite. It’s no exaggeration that the name Mamadee Diakite II had become a household name throughout Liberia and in the Diaspora community because of his fearless journalistic reporting and love for country. Listening to Mamadee Diakite everyday was as routine for me as my five daily salat.”

Mr. Keita further mentioned in his post that in the period when a sizable number of Liberians are pessimistic about the direction their country is headed, Diakite was always optimistic. According to Keita, regardless the circumstance, one must strive to project positive image of your country.

He quoted the late Mamadee Diakite as saying that ” Liberia is getting better.”  He said Diakite worked assiduously as a journalist to shape public opinions of issues that he was passionate about. “He uncompromisingly and ferociously defended views he thought were good for the advancement of Liberia. As expected in all functioning or work in progress societies, there were some  who didn’t share his views on some nominal issues. Whatever sides one may find himself or herself on the isles no one would question Mamadee’s patriotism and love of country.”  Amara Keita

Musa Keita of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota wrote that death is very painful. He said it is more painful when one has close relations with the deceased. “I am greatly devastated by this news and so are all Liberians. “It is difficult for me to cry when I hear of a death news, but this morning, I cried like a little baby when I heard about the death of a fearless, respectful, young promising star and arguably, the most objective and impeccable Radio Talk Show Presenter in Mama Liberia, Mr Mamadee Diakite.” Musa Keita

For his part, Joseph Sackor does not only see Mamadee Diakite as a professional journalist, but also as a former student. He said the deceased was a proud product of the UN Refugee School System in Nzerekore, Guinea, an institution he said was created by the Liberia Refugee Students Committee. “I remember my conversation with late Mamadee back in 1993 at my residence in Nzerekore when I encouraged him to serve as a student reporter for our monthly news pamphlet project, ” Refugee Highlights” that was headed by Mr Mohamed Sherif of Philadelphia, PA and K. Jemael Mohamed of Amsterdam, Netherlands.”

According to Mr. Sackor, Diakite gladly accepted his offer and got his initial training from his colleagues. “Every time I visited Monrovia, he would tell me, “Prof, thanks to you and your friends for giving me a solid foundation. The school system and the Refugee Highlights prepared me for this career.” Sackor

Up to the publication of this report, there are friends and relatives in the chat room discussing what has been described by many as a heartbreaking news in Liberia. A report from the chat room hinted that his wife and child will today depart New York for Liberia.

It is not clear if the wife and child will arrive in time for the Islamic interment, but one thing remains clear, Mamadee Diakite will greatly be missed by all, especially those who are used to the tone of his voice during his early morning broadcast.  A Salient Voice is Lost!


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  • Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Lillahi Raj’oon

    “O Allah, forgive (Brother Mamadee Diakite). Make him among the guided ones, raise his status and be his deputy among the grieving. O Lord of the two worlds, forgive us and him and make his grave wide and full of light”.

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