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2016 General Election Guidelines/Minnesota Mandingo Association

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1. The elections shall be conducted by secret ballot


Hon. Losoni A. Sanoe, Chairman (MMA Election Commission)

2. Candidates will be declared the winner by simple majority (higher vote)3. Voting shall be done on a one-man-one vote basis

4. All candidates must show respect for each other’s opinions at all time during the process.

5. Protest to the election results must be submitted thirty minutes after results are announced to the election commission.

6. Protest shall be made verbally followed by a written statement within one hour.

7. All campaign activities will end a day before election (July 9, 2016 @11:59pm). No campaigning will be allowed on Election Day.
8. Violation of election guidelines may lead to disqualification of violator(s) by Election Commission.
9. All Candidates must submit a passport size photo to the Election commission

10. Election shall be held on Sunday, July 10th, 2016, at the OLM office.

11. There will be a debate on Friday, July 8, 2016, at OLM Office (if space is available) Application and qualification of candidates

1. Each candidate must submit a letter of intent with a passport size photo to the Chairman of the elections commissions no later than Thursday, June 30th, 2016 11:59pm. No application will be accepted after the deadline.

  1. Registration for candidates opens on June 7th, 2016 @ 8am
  2. Candidates must also submit their mailing address, telephone number andtwo references with their phone numbers
  3. Each candidate must pay a non-refundable registration fee to the electioncommission as indicated below:



    Secretary General———–$75.00

    Financial Secretary———$50.00

  4. All candidates must be in good financial standing: must have paid their meeting dues for the past two years as well as registered with MMA. Registration is $20 for two years and $60 per year, totaling $120 for two years.
  5. All candidates must submit to the election commission a clearance from chapter’s financial Secretary of the association that they have registered with MMA and have paid all meeting dues for the past two years.
  6. All candidates must be high school graduate


1. To qualify as an eligible voter, a person must be a registered member of MMA

2. Must have attained the age of 18

3. All candidates, eligible voters and the public are required to show respect during the election process. All communications should be sent to the Chairman of Election Commission by mail, email or hand delivery;

Losoni A. Sanoe –

Chairman MMA 2016 Election Commission, or

Minnesota Mandingo Association (MMA) P. O. Box 29936
Brooklyn Center MN 55429

Akeem Komara

Co-Chairman MMA 2016 Election Commission Or
Minnesota Mandingo Association (MMA) P. O. Box 29936

Brooklyn Center MN 55429

Submitted by:

Akeem Komara—— Co-Chairman

Yaya Kamara——– – Member

Yayah Komara——– Member

Seydou Dioubate—- Member

Approved by Losoni A. Sanoe——- Chairman (MMA 2016 Election Commission)


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